First pictures…

I had an aha moment when I realised just how grown up my son Ayaan has become. This week has been half term and together with lots of other activities there has been a lot of drawing and colouring going on here… Ayaan presented me with this masterpiece.

His love affair with convertables continues… Huaary!   I have been thinking of turning this into a cushion as part of his room re-do . He chose red fabric with white flowers all over it for his cushions. I think the blues and reds will look amazing with this picture :)

Will upload the pictures of the finished cushions later today.


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2 responses to “First pictures…

  1. Pat Wilson

    I saw a blog with your multiple ruffle skirt a few months ago. I was wondering if that tutorial is still available? Most skirts I have seen are not small enough for my 19 month old granddaughter and I seem to recall yours would fit her.

    Thanks, Pat Wilson

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