Pretty goods blog giveaway

So in my daily browsing of blogs I stumbled on pretty goods doing a very nice blog giveaway of a brighton inspired cushion. Very nice indeed.

Am working on a tutorial for a chirstmas present which should be here by the

end of the week and of course my first steps to quilting…

watch this space for more…


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4 responses to “Pretty goods blog giveaway

  1. Hi,

    I have just read this post and as flattered as I am about you finding my blog and commenting on the cushion giveaway, I have to tell you that it’s not ME doing the giveaway!
    I saw the giveaway on someone elses blog, Pins and Needles, who has actually made the cushion and running the giveaway! I just thought, like you, that it was lovely and worth a mention – sorry to confuse you!!
    Debs x

  2. So the giveaway is from Pins and needles. edit please with apology.

    • yes, sorry – I think it was pretty clear in my blog. Part of the giveaway rules were to post details and a picture of the cushion so I can understand the confusion. I just don’t want to be credited with something I didn’t do!! Especially when it was someone else who worked so hard to print and make that fab cushion.

      Check out the pins and Needles blog, it’s a good one to follow, and so is the winner of the cushion – you’ll find the link on Pins and Needles.

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